2200mm Dual Fence System – MK2



The Dual Fence now comes with a wider area for the ruler scale markings, allowing the market to double scale 0 – 2000mm and 200 – 2200mm. The system is made up of 2 x fences with our fence joiners.

Our specially designed fence system for the use of Festool tops or any other tops with a 20mm hole to be able to fix your fence and allow for repeatable cuts without losing valuable space behind the fence, allowing your MFT top to be closed to a wall and to save space.

Scroll down to the demonstration video below on how to use the Fence System

You will receive:
2 x 1000mm aluminium fence with dual scale
2x Set of Fence Dogs or 2x Set of Quad Fence Dogs
2x Aluminium Flag Stop M6  – Thumbscrew
1x Under Rail Support Kit
4x Joining Bars
1x 2.5mm Hex Key



Please note that the Quad Fence Dogs do not allow you to remove your fence by detaching it from the fence. These are more suited if you have your fence permanently positioned on your MFT.

If you require 3/4″ Quad Fence Dogs® please add a note at the checkout before ordering.


We use the latest in CNC technology to turn our products which are measured with an accuracy of 5 microns.  Our dogs are machined to 19.96/97 +- 0.015.


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