MK3 ULTRA Rail Square®

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For set up instructions on how to attach your MK3 ULTRA Rail Square® to your track Click Here Introducing the all-new MK3 ULTRA Rail Square®, a game-changer in precision cutting and…


For set up instructions on how to attach your MK3 ULTRA Rail Square® to your track Click Here

Introducing the all-new MK3 ULTRA Rail Square®, a game-changer in precision cutting and woodworking. In today’s market, there’s a multitude of track saw options to choose from. Having sold over 12,000 units of our MK2 rail square, we’ve closely observed the needs of craftsmen and woodworking enthusiasts. What we discovered is that many individuals possess multiple track saws and varying track lengths, making it challenging to find a versatile and compatible rail square. Recognizing this substantial demand, we embarked on a mission over the past few months to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem.

We’re proud to introduce the MK3 ULTRA Rail Square®, a single rail square that harmoniously works with some of the most popular track saw brands. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between rail squares for different saws and tracks. Our ULTRA Rail Square® is designed to offer seamless compatibility with the following tracks:

  • Festool
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee Fuel (Red)
  • Erbauer
  • Dewalt
  • Mafell
  • Bosch
  • Flex
  • Kreg ACS
  • Triton
  • Excel

But we didn’t stop there with just the ULTRA. We’ve taken the concept to the next level with the ULTRA MAX Extender. This ingenious addition extends your rail square by an impressive 340mm, providing you with that extra reference edge you need when tackling larger sheets and extensive projects. The ULTRA MAX Extender empowers you to take your woodworking to new dimensions, ensuring precision and efficiency in every cut.

So, if you’re tired of juggling multiple rail squares and want a versatile solution that works seamlessly with your collection of track saws, look no further than the MK3 Rail Square ULTRA. With the ULTRA MAX Extender, you’ll have everything you need to take on projects of any size with confidence and precision. Discover the future of woodworking with the ULTRA series – your go-to solution for precision and versatility. Explore this remarkable innovation today.

Please note with Dewalt you will need to removed either the whole sprinter guard on one edge or at least 150mm from the end you will be placing the square.


Rail Square will be available in 3 options.

    1. Rail Square & Canvas Bag
    2. Rail Square Systainer fully loaded: Includes Rail Square,


    1. TANOS Systainer³ M 112, Foam Insert, 30mm & 60mm bevel adaptors, MFT Grooved Adaptors & B-Collars, 2x 30mm Benchdogs (in line with B-collars)
    2. Rail Square Systainer fully loaded WITHOUT SYSTAINER: Includes Rail Square, Insert, 30mm & 60mm bevel adaptors, MFT Grooved Adaptors & B-Collars, 2 x 30mm Benchdogs (in line with B-collars).


  1. *This option has the new foam inserts that only fits the TANOS Systainer³ M 112. The old-style foam insert can be made on request – please add a note at the checkout.
  2. Rail Square & Repeat Stop (Please Choose Metric or Imperial from the options) The repeat stop comes in 4 sections of 330mm with a combined length of 1320mm, 2x Flag Stops inside a TANOS Systainer³ M 112. Also comes with 3x Joining Bars, 3x Fence Connector Blocks, 1x Calibration Screw with T-Nut, 1x 4mm Hex Key, 1x 2.5mm Hex Key, 1x 2mm Hex Key.


All of our Rail Squares options come with a calibration report.


Systainer Repeat Stop Measurements:

Festool / Makita / DeWalt / Kreg ACS / Milwaukee / Triton / Erbauer / Excel
Section 1: 190mm – 520mm
Section 2: 520mm – 850mm
Section 3: 850mm – 1180mm
Section 4: 1180mm – 1510mm

With All Sections: 190mm – 1510mm

Mafell / Bosch / Flex
Section 1: 170mm – 500mm
Section 2: 500mm – 830mm
Section 3: 830mm – 1160mm
Section 4: 1160mm – 1490mm

With All Sections: 170mm – 1490mm


Optional Accessories:

MK3 ULTRA Rail Square Wall Mount®
MK3 Rail Square ULTRA MAX Extender
MK3 Rail Square ULTRA Repeat Stop (Not Systainer Version)


Instruction Downloads:


• Clasp Set Up Click Here


• Repeat Stop Set Up Click Here


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