RCT (4mm) Shelf Pin Drill Guide


This Drill Guide is for the MK1 T-Squares, (5 screws on the handle) Rulers & Combi Squares. Our RCT (Ruler, Combi, T-Square) Pin Drill Guide is not new, but it is…


Our RCT (Ruler, Combi, T-Square) Pin Drill Guide is not new, but it is made here in the UK and made with Stainless Steel, ensuring the product lasts. Our drill guide is also slightly different by working in line with our T-Square holes. The tip of the SPDG has been machined to fit in the holes to ensure you have the most accurate centred hole for your 4mm shelve pins. Made with a 1/4″ hex shank for use with drills with a quick-release mechanism or a standard chuck.

It is supplied with a fully hardened, high-performance brad drill bit for durability and longevity. This tool can be used on various materials, including timber, ply, MDF and chipboard. Sprung loaded to ensure the drill bit retracts safely.

*Will work with our rulers, but marks are likely to be made in the anodising


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