Stainless Steel Squares – Systainer Set


A square that works as hard as you do. We have made this tool through much feedback from our evergrowing customer fan base with love of our dedication to precision as…


A square that works as hard as you do. We have made this tool through much feedback from our evergrowing customer fan base with love of our dedication to precision as well as being British-made.  The new range of Stainless Steel Squares boasts an ultra-thin blade of just 1.5mm thick which helps with the parallax issue, a problem with thicker blades made of aluminium. The blade has ‘mm’ slots to ensure the markings are on point with where you want them to be. Each side of the square holds a bank of slots of 10mm with even numbers on one side and odds on the other.  Each bank is marked with the numbers 2,4, 6, 8 & 10 or 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9.  The blade also promotes 6mm holes set at every 32mm for the shelf pin*, which can be easily made with our Stainless Steel Shelf Pin Drill Guide with options for 4mm and 5mm drills. The drill guides have been specially made to use with our square to ensure pinpoint accuracy centred in the hole you wish to drill into. Laser markings have also been placed along the edges of the squares every 1mm.  We have four options for the squares the SS150, SS300, SS450 & the very impressive SS600.

The cheeks are made from 6082 Aircraft aluminium, and during the milling process, each blade is probed in 3 places to ensure the accuracy is matched to the accuracy of the blade.  These are sent for anodising with our company black and then laser marked with our well know hexagon branded pattern making our tools stand out from the crowd.

What Benchdogs product would be a benchdogs product without having a Systainer kit? The kit holds a range of Stainless Steel Squares with the SS300, and SS150 (Both included in the Systainer). The SST175** and our SS Pocket triangle** are future products that will fit in the insert.


* Except for the SS150.
** To be released at a later date.

Kit Contains:
1 x TANOS Systainer³  Sys 3 M 237
1 x Foam Inserts
1 x (SS150) 150mm
1 x (SS300) 300mm

Also available are our stainless steel powder-coated wall mounts to keep your precious tools safe and sound when not in use – check them out here.

Stainless Steel Drill Guides and wall mounts can be found below:
Set Square 4mm Shelf Pin Drill Guide
Set Square 5mm Shelf Pin Drill Guide
SS Square Wall Mounts

The Stainless Steel Square is precision cut on our state-of-the-art fibre laser cutter. We then mill the blade square with a CNC machine to ensure the blade is square and is confirmed using a CMM machine which registers accuracy of up to 5 microns. Once this process is finished it then gets its 1.5mm thick blade de-stressed, ensuring strength and stability. After, it is glass beaded to create a matt finish that works visually well with the laser-annealed scales. Once the scale markings are engraved this is then confirmed with our optical coordinate measuring machine.


Wall mount

With Wall Mount, Without Wall Mount


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