Story Stick 1320mm Systainer



The story stick is a simple yet invaluable tool commonly used in woodworking, construction, and other trades. It is a versatile measuring and marking device, allowing craftsmen to accurately transfer dimensions and layouts from one part of a project to another, ensuring consistency and precision throughout the work.

Benchdogs story stick is another excellent addition to your workshop. The all-aluminium story stick is made from our standard fence extrusion with machined Aluminium stops, which are then anodised blue for a perfect, easy-to-read contrast.

The unique design for the stop is the centre guide for precise pencil markings and a machined middle pointer to dial in accurate measurements. The stops are also fitted with Stainless Steel knurled thumb screws which ooze quality.

The story stick is laser-marked with a scale along its length. This scale consists of standard measurement units in MM.

Laser markings are set from 0 to 1300mm, and a centre mark from 0 to 660mm on either side.

The primary function of a story stick is to eliminate the need for repeated measuring and marking, which can introduce errors and inconsistencies. Instead, you can set the story stick to the desired dimensions or layout once and then use it as a reference to transfer those measurements accurately to different parts of the project. This saves time and ensures that all components fit together precisely, resulting in a more professional and cohesive final product.

What is in the package
1x 1320mm (4x 330mm) Laser marked Extrusion
4x Aluminium Stepped Stops
1x End Stop
5x T-nuts
5x Stainless Steel Thumbscrews
5x Nylon Washers
6x Joining Bars
1x 2.5mm Hex Key

Proudly made in the UK


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